The Following Points are the Procedure Followed by us for a Successful Complete Interior Project.

  • We get enquiry from customers all over the world through our website or from our social media content.

  • Once we get the enquiry in email form after customer applied which contains the customer details and the interior requirements of his/her house.

  • And also, we set the application form on our website in a way such that an automatic email that contains our Previous interior designs, Brochures and 50 Videos, The General Estimate will be sent automatically the moment they applied their requirement on our website.

  • With the help of this automatic mail, they will get the idea of our home interior experience, our quality of work, our previous customer reviews, how their home interior will look, the cost estimation, etc.,

  • So as we have received the customer application mail, now we call to our customer to discuss their interior requirement.

  • If the customer is anywhere from Chennai, site visit will be fixed with no charge that is completely complementary, In the case of customers from other state or district, a token advance amount will be expected to be paid, which is then will be reduced from the actual project value.

  • According to the stage of the construction we fix the appointment. For instance, if it is a under construction building then we direct them to call us after the flooring and at-least one coat white of their walls are done which will be the correct time for us to visit the site to take measurements and give quote.

  • And in case of a ready site, we fix a time for which the customer feels convenient, and we will visit the site, meet the customer in person and discuss the ideas, and we take the site measurements.